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About Me

Hi there, I’m Jessica

I am a pharmacist, yoga instructor and lover of fitness and wellness. I created this space as a way to blend all my passions and help women navigate modern wellness. With all the information and dis-information out there it’s hard to determine what is true or not. From wellness techniques like meditation and yoga, to fitness training and health eating I bring to you a little bit of it all to create the healthy-(ish) lifestyle you are looking for. I am happy you are here. 

What I Offer

Yoga Classes (Via Zoom)

Life is crazy. Sometimes we just need to do yoga. If you can’t get to a studio please feel free to take a class with me! For now they will be pre-recorded but if there is interest we will do them live in the future. 

Fitness solutions

I used to be a gym rat when I was younger. However as I got older and gained more responsibilities getting to the gym was not possible. Once I found my portal of at home workouts so many doors opened up! Great workouts even better community.


Whether you are looking for nutrition suggestions, natural remedies and holistic health tips or even how to start a mediation practice, we have it all for you in one place. 

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